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Greetings, this is TeiOuja, back with another Beating Lyrics Journal. Now this one's a little special. Over the past couple of entries, I've been covering the 21st century equivalent of this: Except without any humour, subtlety or comedic talent. But now we're going to look at the other, more annoying end of the pop cultural spectrum. The SJWs. Now, before we get started, I'll need to get out my little disclaimer:

Trigger Warnings Aren't Real. Stop Pretending That They Are.

Since Christmas is coming around the corner, I guess you can call this an early Christmas Gift for my main man, :iconbluemagus:. Today's song is by a man called Jonathan Mann. Also known as the GameJew. It's called 'Are Video Games Sexist? Auto-Tune Rebuttal'. Oh boy.

Before we begin, I'm going to cut out the bits including Christina Hoff Summers. Namely because they're much too intelligent for me to top. 

Text: Trigger Warning:

For some really disgusting tweets towards the end of this video.

Translation: Here are a few tweets coming from Men Rights' Activists that I'll manipulate into being strawman representations of Gamer culture. Please buy my songs.

Those are two different ideas and the title of your video is: Are Video Games Sexist? And I don’t think you answer this. You cite two studies but they’re both about how many women play games. That doesn’t address sexism at all so find some other studies to back up your claims.

Actually, Jonny-boy, according to Anita Sarkeesian, violence in video games can often be associated with sexism in video games. Though by that logic, Mario must have a very twisted domestic life.

Misogyny and violence: Two separate issues. This conflates them.

Yes, but you're missing the point. Yes Misogyny and Violence are two different issues, but they can often converge to create issues like Domestic Violence. 

You’re talking about violence, I thought we were talking about sexism…

Hey, jackass. If you pay close attention, you'll realise that Mrs. Sommers is actually elaborating on her points by bringing up parallels to other arguments. You know. Actually giving a shit.

Ad hominem. Ad hominem.

Repetition, repetition. Also, you don't know what that term means, do you? An ad hominem is when someone tries to win an argument by insulting another person. I don't recall Mrs. Sommers 

Which points?

That Video Games are often aimed at different demographics, perhaps? Oh wait. Silly me. I forgot that I'm not talking to a calm and rational person. I'm talking to a strawman created by a talentless twit who wouldn't know comedy if it ran him over with Santa's Sleigh.

Please point them out.

Perhaps you should watch the video in full instead of swimming in an ocean of ad revenue made from your crappy song. With earplugs shoved up your ears.

You wanna talk cheery picking? Just because there are a few, triple A games with female protagonists that aren’t about their boobs, doesn’t negate the fact that most AAA games are full of sexist tropes. That’s what “hipster culture critics” say, less sexism is the hope. Oh.

Portal, Portal 2, Half-Life 2, Bloodrayne, the Metroid series, Beyond Good And Evil, Bayonetta, some of the later Final Fantasy games, many Western-style RPGs, Mirror's Edge, the Barbie games, Remember Me, Lollipop Chainsaw, some of the Resident Evil games, The Last of Us, The Walking Dead Telltale Series, Silent Hill 3. Yes, those games are ONLY about their protagonists' boobs. Not their characteristics, not their gameplay, nope. Only T&A. Because apparently the only female-centered game you've ever played is Dead Or Alive; Extreme Volleyball. And it's not like Video Games are a successful market with multiple demographics. Or have games that appeal to different people. No, all Video Games are only blood-soaked grimdark male fantasies.

Sooooo. What you’re saying is that games are sexist? And that boys will be boys? I suppose that’s one way to look at it. Well, me? I want more choice.

And that's fine. Make your own damn games. Innovate in areas that haven't been explored yet. Don't whine and moan on the internet about how AAA games only focus on one demographic. Also, rhyming 'Boys' with 'Choice'. I thought this was supposed to be a song, not a speech set to a crappy soft-rock instrumental and autotune.

Nobody said it made you sexist, racist, or homophobic.

No, but that's what you and Anita Sarkeesian constantly imply every time you try shaming people based on non-existent white male privilege like it's the bloody 1920s'.


For god's sake, is this a music video or some lazy music video made on Windows Movie Maker by some 14 year-old idiot? The point of a music video is to show unique visuals while the music is playing or present a story to go along with the music. This is just an amateur slideshow with mini-GameJews that rip off Army of Darkness. And how I wish Bruce Campbell could crash through your set and clonk you on the head for being an unfunny twit.

False equivalence. False equivalence.

Stop doing that, stop doing that! It's very annoying, very annoying!

What gamers did you talk to? What’s this about “data”, you say? Do you have “data” that says a lotta games aren’t sexist? Are you gonna show us that “data” today?

Once again, Triple A Games are meant for an audience of young adult males. Just because you see scantily clad women in video games doesn't mean they're all vile misogynistic demons out to corrupt people's souls. Seriously, replace the word 'Misogynistic' with 'Not Christian' and you get the same arguments brought up by Sarah Palin. Maybe we wouldn't be angry at you lot if you actually start providing actual points instead of covering everything in a pink sheet and yelling 'FEMINISM!!!1!!!' every five seconds like you're trying to catch the Holy Ghost.

[I'm skipping the tweets because they serve absolutely no point in the song except to shock the audience]

No! We will not stand down.

:iconyesplz: See? Just because I can quote memes doesn't mean it makes an effective argument.

No! We will not stand down. Wooo… No! We will not stand down. Wooo… No! We will not stand down. Wooo… No! We will not stand down. Wooo…

Hate to break it to you, 'GameJew', but this isn't the 1700s' and you are not George Fucking Washington. Sitting on your arse and screaming about feminism is not the same as actually doing something to enlighten the so-called 'sexist' Game Industry. If you want to include more female protagonists, fine. If you want more diverse games, fine. But calling everyone who doesn't automatically agree with you sexist neckbeards doesn't make anyone want to be on your side. If anything, it makes people like you look like a cunt.

And that's how the cookie crumbles. 

Here's the song itself:  


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